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Carсhioglu Group

  Founded in 1997 and characterized by its innovations, Carchıoglu Group is one of the leading companies in Azerbaijan’s import market. A fully functioning Carchıoglu Group specializes in the import of drinks, food and furniture accessories in the country. Since its inception, Company has acquired very reliable, confident, competent partners. Sustainable development is the foundation of our success. We bring new products, which will be able to fully satisfy customers’ needs. 

The main priorities of Company are as follows:

  • High quality of imported products
  • Guide and appreciate the interests of customers
  • Responsible approach to work
  • Professional staff
  • Effective sales
  • Successful business management
  • Continuous development
  • Mutually beneficial relations with partners
  • Professional services

Currently, Carchıoglu Group consists of Carchıoglu Ltd, Idxal LLC, Dincer və Carchıoglu LLC and Azer Logistics Group LLC.

  • Carchıoglu LLC is engaged in the agricultural sector, being one of the leading companies in the non-oil sector.
  • Idxal LLC - one of the first distributors leading in import sector.
  • Dincer və Carchıoglu LLC is one of the companies specializing in the field of food industry and furnit
  • Azer Logistics Group LLC - a logistics company with sufficient experience in the freight market.


The above-mentioned companies forming Carchıoglu Group, create the conditions for supply of completely safe and high-quality products to consumers. Our company aimed at customer satisfaction, is constantly working in order to obtain a higher status in the domestic market. Our main goals are to find new high-quality products, chase and implement new technological advances and expand sales market. We are responsible for all services rendered.


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