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"Carçıoğlu Group" LLC

"Carçıoğlu Group" LLC in a short time has taken its position on the Azerbaijani market as a distributor and successfully continues its work in this area. Company distributes products imported from 20 countries on all sales networks of capital and state. As one of the leading distribution companies of food industry, we provide consumers with quality products. The satisfaction and favour of customers is one of the important factors of our company. Our main goals are to develop the scope of activities, expand the service area, and increase the number of customers and partners. Company knows the value of its customers and tries to make each of them benefit from its services rendered. Our partners are companies from America, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Austria and other countries. Currently, Company offers about 20 brands and 1,000 names of products. World-renowned beverage brand as Efes, Miller, Corona, Blanche de Charleroi , Russkiy Standart , Schneider Weisse, and others are sufficiently recognized and prefered here. Professional staff employed by our company, provide customers with a rich assortment, convenience and full service and do the best to offer and provide you always with new brands and quality products. We wish that imported products take a liking to you and always adorn your table. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Looking forward to serve you, "Carçıoğlu Group" LLC. We offer you organic food and wish you health.

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3000 Staff
7500 Points
30 Distributors
550 Brands